About CGD  

Computer Graphic Design at Southview provides studio experience in computer graphics art and design and is an introduction to the creative possibilities of graphic computing and to the historical, conceptual, technical, and contemporary background of computers and computer graphics. Emphasis is placed on the visual-problem solving process through the use of applications and equipment.


CGD explores both a fine art and commercial art approach to digital imagery and will allow students to apply their knowledge to the realizations of visual images. Students utilize digital cameras, scanning, the Internet, and drawing techniques to input their work on the computer. Output is on various color inkjet printers.


This Career-Tech course provides an overview of software applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other related image/graphics applications employed by digital imaging artists. Included in this course is the discussion of aesthetic decisions as they relate to image composition. The ethical and legal implications of image manipulation are discussed as well as various presentation possibilities.


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