Records Office


All transcript requests, education certification, and all other documentation requests need to be submitted in writing. Phone requests cannot be fulfilled. If you need to request such documentation, please send a fax, email, or letter to the Records Secretary at Southview High School    

                        Records Office fax:  (419) 824-8608

                        Email:  BLundgren@sylvaniaschools.org

                        Address:  Southview High School

                                        Attn: Records Secretary

                                        7225 Sylvania Avenue

                                        Sylvania OH   43560


 Your request needs to include this information: 

--The full name of the person at the time of graduation (include maiden name, if applicable)

--Year of graduation (if the person did not graduate, let us know what year the person should have graduated from SV)

--Date of birth

--Indicate whether the transcript needs to be certified

(Please note:  colleges and universities and most potential employers will require a certified transcript.)

--Be sure to include the full address where the transcript should be sent (including the name of the college,  university, or employer)

--Also, include a phone number that we may use to contact you, in case we have any other questions


If you are requesting that we send a certified transcript to your home address for you to submit with an application, please be sure that you do not open the envelope.  If you open it prior to submission, the certification of the transcript will be nullified.  Simply submit the certified transcript as is—in the sealed envelope.


Please allow at least 24-48 hours for your request to be processed. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Mrs. Lundgren, the Records Secretary, at (419) 824-8733.